Press Release: Law Office of Thomas A. Vick Wins Appeal!

In a unanimous opinion by the Indiana Court of Appeals, Judge Mathias wrote the following:

"Vick stated in part during the hearing on the motion to set aside default judgment: 'Now, the idea of somebody looking at a complaint, seeing the summons, seeing that their company, of which they are president, is named in the complaint, responding to the complaint by a letter to opposing counsel and then not doing anything to follow up on that, I don't think that's excusable neglect.' Tr. p. 23.

We agree."

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Press Release: Law Office of Thomas A. Vick Wins $6.8 Million Judgment

The Law Office of Thomas A. Vick won a $6.8 million judgment in a personal injury case on May 30, 2017.

Mr. Vick represents the plaintiff in Genia Wamsley v. Tree City Village, New Generation Management, Inc. and Matthew Joseph. The case is before the Honorable Judge Matthew D. Bailey of the Decatur County Superior Court. The Cause Number is 16D01-1609-CT-410.

Genia Wamsley was shot by her neighbor Matthew Joseph on March 7, 2016 while sitting on her couch in her apartment in Greensburg, Indiana. The shooting garnered attention from local and state media outlets.